Death and Onions — the fantasy world of Lila Lestrange

The World of Black Silk

Beyond the gates of the city of Naressina, across the ocean and up the mighty Zannain river, lie shining cities, rugged mountains, lush forests, miles of grassy plains, vast deserts and all the strange and wonderful beauty of distant and far away lands. Where do you wish to travel?

A compass rose drawn in brown ink.

Visit the Four Corners of the World

Follow Zîf Kaliari’s journey Overseas to the lands of dragons: a month’s voyage away, the Silk Road leads west into the great Eternal Desert, towards the fabled Golden City of Ehâla. Find a trustworthy navigator and dare the long voyage to islands of Aoya, sometimes called the ‘Heart of the World’, as they sparkle in the treacherously beautiful sea.
From Aoya, sail east and east northeast again to the mysteries of Aman, a jungle empire among ancient ruins.
Or follow the Zannain river upstream from Naressina through the old Kingdom of Annaen, and watch the Mainland farm country slowly give way to the wild. As you journey east, the Edran Forest looms ever closer on the horizon…
Raise the sails and set course!