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This website is the creation of Lila Lestrange, and its purpose is to showcase the novel “Black Silk” and its setting.

Introducing the novel:

“Black Silk” is a fantasy novel with a dark and sometimes gritty edge to it, set in a world inhabited side by side by humans and the predatory ‘zereshi’ who look enough like humans to be misjudged as bestial aberrations. Much of the setting leans towards late Renaissance Europe, the Age of Discovery and the rise of gunpowder.

Although there are neither elves nor any other creatures found in classic fantasy within its pages, the story of ”Black Silk” is a classic fantasy tale of ancient evil and unlikely heroes, banding together to work for, hopefully, a better future. It is also the story of a journey across borders: Crossing the distance that separates rich and poor, human and not, powerful and outcast. And as with any journey, with it comes change and the realisation of possibilities, sometimes within oneself.

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The setting:

A fantasy map of the city of Naressina and its surrounding region

The world of “Black Silk” turns under twin suns and spans several oceans and continents. Several realms have risen in distant regions, among them the desert empire of the Dragon Throne, the islands of Aoya under their high king, and the mountains and jungles of the empire of Aman, steeped in mystery. The story of “Black Silk” is set in the city state of Naressina, a busy port in the old kingdom of Annaen, in the northern half of the world and separated from the fiery terror of dragons by an ocean. To the south, high mountain ranges cut off all travel except over a few dangerous passes that lead on to the Road of Bones and distant Aman. To the north, the lands that made up the once powerful kingdom of Annaen stretch towards its capital stronghold, but the king is far away and the city of Naressina has long become an independent republic.

As is much of the world, the city is populated by both humans and the non-human ‘zereshi’ who look human enough to be called fanged and tentacled freaks, or much worse. Most zereshi in Naressina keep a very low profile, cutting their claws and learning to speak without showing their teeth. Elsewhere in the world, the situation is reversed and humans are looked upon as odd, and sometimes just as reviled and feared as their non-human counterparts in Naressina.

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